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Eclectic Energy DuoGen 3 Water and Wind Charging System
Eclectic Energy DuoGen 3 Water and Wind Charging System

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Our Price: $5,166.00

Product Code: ECL014

The following items are included with this product:

System Battery Voltage*:
24V [Add $200.00]

DuoGen Tower Length*:
Extra Long, 15m yacht [Add $279.00]
Long, 8-10m yacht [Add $189.00]
Short, 7-10m yacht

The DuoGen 3 is a popular combined system of charging with wind and water. It allows you the opportunity to charge efficiently while under sail by lowering the unit into the water, or allow for use as a wind generator while anchored. The DuoGen is specifically designed for the cruiser who is an avid sailor whose main purpose is water generation with the added convenience of wind generation. If your main power generation is through wind, the D400 is your better choice. To change between wind and water generation is fast and simple and without tools. Parts can also be conveniently stowed if need be by dismantling the rotor blades, self-furling protection in high winds as well as the Eclectic Energy's famous robust construction.
The new DuoGen 3 has a high strength carbon fiber drive shaft, enhanced castings and mouldings and has been designed and refined over thousands of nautical miles under all sea states.

Water Mode Performance:
8 amps @ 6kts. (100W), 190 Ah per day
11.5 amps @ 7kts. (150W), 275 Ah per day
16 amps @ 8 kts. (200W), 380 Ah per day

Wind Mode Performance:
2.5 amps @ 10kts. wind speed (30W)
6 amps @ 15kts. (75W)
11 amps @ 20kts. (140W)

To accommodate the differences in sizes of yachts, the DuoGen is available in three tower lengths - short, long, and extra long. The appropriate tower length depends on the yacht's transom height. This ensures that the angle of the water mode keeps the water impeller immersed, despite heel angle and wave action. It also ensures that when the DuoGen is changed to wind mode, there is sufficient clearance under the air blades for crew safety.

Choosing the correct length of tower:
For each tower length we recommend a maximum and minimum mount height above the static water line. We also recommend that where possible, installations are kept within 800-900mm of the yacht's center line. This keeps the running depth of the water impeller within the optimum range, regardless of tack. On a catamaran installation this is of no importance and often put a DuoGen on each hull.
Note that the majority of DuoGens are installed alongside self-steering systems. The two technologies complement each other, and assuming they are installed 600-700mm apart, will not interfere with each other's operation.
The table below offers a guide as to which variant is best suited to different yacht sizes. Note that there is considerable overlap and this reflects different hull designs in terms of length over all and freeboard.

Other factors can also affect tower length choice. For example, where a 38 foot yacht is fitted with a stern arch, the extra-long DuoGen may be preferred to the long because it provides greater clearance above the arch for the air rotor. Equally, a 55 foot yacht that only wished to use the DuoGen in water mode could fit the short tower machine, and simply mount it lower on the transom. The DuoGen is supplied complete with standard mount hardware. The bracketry is designed to accommodate most yacht transoms, and offers a simple and flexible approach to mounting. The bracketry has a range of adjustment and is usually sufficient to achieve an excellent and robust installation. In the case of canoe stern and mulithulls, we can offer advice and parts to allow for proper installation.
One of the benefits of the DuoGen is that most of the system's weight, i.e. the alternator, is at deck level. This remains the case in both water and wind applications. Installing a conventional wind generator involves a dedicated mount tower and substantial braces fore and aft and athwartships. The cost and weight of this struction is avoided with the DuoGen.
The mount bracketry incorporates the upper and lower attachment points for the DuoGen and is secured with a single M10 pivot pin at the alternator with the tower secured at the upper releasable clamp. This makes it very simple and straighforward to remove the DuoGen for race days.
The electrical output cable is usually taken into the yacht via a cable gland and hard wired within the stern locker/lazarette area. Deck plugs and sockets are not recommended due to the potential shock hazard should they become disconnected.

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