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OGM LED TriAnchor Lights (2/3 wire install) [LXTA]

Waterproof LED Tricolor / Anchor combination light, Voltage range 10VDC-28VDC. 2NM visibility for sailboats up to 65 feet. US Coast Guard approved. Five times less power than comparable incandescent Tricolor lights! New - Waterproof quick-disconnect plug with mating cable.

I have 2 wire running up the mast. What do I need?
LXTA, LXTA-P, you will need the Reversing Switch (Switch-REV). The Reversing Switch has three positions: Tricolor - Off - Anchor.
LXTA-S, LXTA-SP, not available for 2-wire installs.
I have 3 wires running up the mast (the third is for a strobe). What do I need?
LXTA, LXTA-P: you're all set.
LXTA-S, LXTA-SP, you will need the Selector Switch (has four positions:
Off - Tricolor - Anchor - Strobe
3-wire installs do not need a Reversing Switch
Don't forget the bracket!

Item# Item Name List Price Our Price Qty Add
OGM005-0001 LXTA, 12/24V, no options
OGM005-0002 LXTA-P, 12/24V, with photodiode
OGM005-0003 LXTA-S, 12/24V, with strobe function
OGM005-0004 LXTA-SP, 12/24V, with strobe and photodiode
OGM005-0006 Reversing Switch (for 2-wire install, no strobe)
OGM005-0007 Strobe Selector Switch (for Strobe models)
OGM005-0005 Side Mounting Bracket [LXBRKT-01]
OGM005-0008 Top Mounting Bracket [LXBRKT-02]
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OGM Reversing Switch for TriAnchor light (without Strobe) model [Switch-REV] OGM Selector Switch for TriAnchor Light with Strobe model [Switch-SEL] OGM Top Mounting Bracket [LXBRKT-02] OGM Side Mounting Bracket [LXBRKT-01]
Our Price: $26.00
Our Price: $43.00
Our Price: $35.00
Our Price: $35.00
Reversing Switch Selector Switch OGM Top Mounting Bracket [LXBRKT-02] OGM Side Mounting Bracket [LXBRKT-01]

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